I have been going through the process of cleaning up and releasing all my typefaces as Open Source on GitHub.

Please refer to github for the latest copies of all fonts, including formerlly commercial offerings.
ElectroCandy, released today.
Three different styles, 50-100 characters each.
As with all new fonts, please inform me if you have any problems.
Mac Users Its Your Lucky Day! I Added Macintosh Formats of the following fonts:
711 Slurpee
Batman Beat The Hell Outta Me
Raver Goggles
Raver Kids

New Font!, Ophake. Download It Now.

Also, you can now sign up for the GrilledCheese.com Mailing List and get notifyed when new fonts are added or major updates made to the site. Sign Up Now

New Font!, Merker. Download It Now
New Format Finally Finished!!!

New Font!, Raver Kids. Download It Now

I tried to make the site easier to navigate and more informative, Let me know what you think of it. Some things still aren't working completely, theres spelling errors and lack of previews or images. I'll get to all of that soon enough.. I'm also working on making sure all fonts are avaliable in macintosh and windows formats. E-mail me if you want a font in another format and I'll hurry up porting the ones most people request.
ok, thats about it for now, hope you enjoy the new site. more updates real soon..

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