Why are fonts priced differently?
Fonts are priced based on the number of characters in the font, how long it the font took to create, and whether or not that font is being distributed through other commercial distributors. Font prices on grilledcheese.com vary from 1 to 30 dollars depending on these factors.
Can I buy fonts online with my credit card?
No, grilledcheese.com currently does not support credit card orders or orders online. Work is being done to get online ordering, but theres no promise as to when it can be avaliable. The shopping cart on the site is meant to be used as more of a calculation tool for font pricing.
Why can't I add items to my shopping cart?
Make sure that when you click the "order now" button from a font preview page, that you web browser has cookies enabled. The site needs to use cookies to remember what it is that you have in your shopping cart. You can enable cookies in the preferences menu of your web browser
Can I have one of your commercial fonts for free?
Can I trade you pants for fonts?
Kikwear's are good 36+ waist only. But its probably cheaper to just buy the fonts.
Can I Put your fonts on my website?
No. Please do not put my fonts for download on your website. This rule applies to both commercial and shareware fonts. Please put a link to the font instead, that would be great. There are a few places on the web that I have approved for distributing a few my shareware fonts, but these sites are very scarce. Questions about this? Email Me.

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